June 3, 2023

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Microsoft exec Phil Spencer admits lost Xbox console war to Nintendo, Sony


May 8, 2023 | 4:33 a.m

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer admitted in a recent interview that Xbox can’t win the “console war” against competitors Nintendo and Sony when using traditional strategies.

Phil Spencer, 55, made the comments during an appearance on Kinda Funny Games, the Xbox community YouTube channel.

The Microsoft exec said it was naive to think Sony or Nintendo gamers would switch allegiances over highly anticipated games.

“It’s not true that if we create great games, you’ll suddenly see console engagement shift in such a dramatic way,”

“We lost the worst generation to lose on Xbox One,” said Spencer.

Spencer downplayed the idea that the Xbox could outpace its competitors by simply creating games, saying that it “doesn’t relate to most people’s reality”.

“We’re not in the business of outwardly consoling Sony or consoling Nintendo. There’s really no great solution for us,” Spencer said.

Phil Spencer admitted that if the Xbox was going to start and make great games, one wouldn’t see “shares of the console change in such a dramatic way.”
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The CEO said Xbox will focus its energies on Game Pass and Xcloud and ensure its games run smoothly across all devices.

“I see a lot of critics wanting to go back to the time when we all had cartridges and discs, every new generation was a clean slate, and you could switch the whole console stake,” said Spencer.

Phil Spencer said Xbox will focus its energies on Game Pass and Xcloud, and ensure its games run smoothly across all devices.
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“This is not the world we are in today. There is no world where Starfield is 11 out of 10 and people are selling their P5s. This is not going to happen.”

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