November 26, 2022

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‘Call the police!’ The fishing trip becomes crazy because of cheating

'Call the police!'  The fishing trip becomes crazy because of cheating

Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption catches a big fish.

“Maybe we should open you up and make whiskey rings.”
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If you think the last month big chess anal chess bead epic plot It was the worst thing that could happen to a competitive sporting event, I have some bad news for you. The world of competitive sport fishing is now a spinning controversy after championship contestants in Ohio were caught stuffing their catch full of heavy lead balls, artificially increasing their weight. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Fishing contest last week, Ohio Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship, was similar to the controversy after onlookers found out that fisherman Jacob Runyan was a hit: stuffing his walleye catch into the gills using lead balls and commercial fish fillets. Before the scandal, Runyan and his fishing partner Chase Kominsky were considered some of the best anglers in the sport, to me Now his entire legacy is under scrutiny.

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CNN—which may be in line with Pulitzer’s headline “Ohio Championship Cheating Scandal Shakes World of Competitive Fishing” — you mentioned it Jason Fisher, Tournament Director, questioned Runyan when he hunted Gray eye fish It weighs seven pounds. Typically, this freshwater fish, known colloquially as the yellow pickerel, weighs four pounds wet. After dissecting the bellies of a Runian fishing, Fisher and a crowd of spectators and other competitors discovered a treasure trove of lead and extra fish meat inside each of their bellies. what a shame.

“Where is your crown now,” someone among the crowd shouted.

“I mean we all knew that,” said one of the men who apparently knew the runyan wasn’t bad.

“He needs to go to prison,” said an angry onlooker.

Runyan and his partner Kominsky were vying to win about $28,760 in prize money, accrued from the entry fees of the competing Hunters. But as soon as the dance began, those present reacted in kind to the denigration of the naval competition. Cops were called, several “fucks” were uttered, and CNN reported that the matter escalated into an open investigation by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney’s Office.

Fisher said CNN That Runyan and Cominsky are barred from competing in future Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournaments. It’s time to see if Cuyahoga prosecutors find Runyan gill-t of hunters crimes, but this video looks pretty clear that he did…

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