May 23, 2024

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Bill Gates says Govt-19 deaths will drop to fever level by 2022

bill Gates
Photo: Archive

Within the framework of the Fund’s New Economic Forum Bloomberg, Again consulted with US President and philanthropist Bill Gates, in which, according to the scale of his analysis, he was seen by society as a kind of oracle: the corona virus infection.

In this case, after warning of the dangers of bio-terrorism as a potential “global threat,” the founder of Microsoft was asked, “Can we defeat Covit-19?”

Taking the promising news from American pharmaceutical companies Merck and Antiviral Pfizer (Molnubravir and Foxlovit, respectively), said that the release of their patents would allow them to receive “less than $ 8”.

“Therefore, between immunization, immunization and the aid of oral therapy, the mortality rate caused by the corona virus should decrease dramatically,” he said.

Later, Gates analyzed how the corona virus has settled in the community and compared the occurrence of Covit-19 with the traditional flu.

In this sense, it is hoped that the vaccine rate will continue to rise, “that next summer the rates of infection and death will be lower than that of seasonal flu, and no new dangerous variables will appear.”

“Vaccines are very good news, and supply barriers will often be resolved by the middle of next year, so we will be controlled by logistics and requirements,” he added.

How to avoid a new infection?

Just as he did a few years before the corona virus ripped through the world scene, Gates stressed the hidden danger of another epidemic.

Currently, traditional flu is said to be one of the major threats.

“We must work to prevent the next epidemic and to eradicate the flu, because its mutations are another significant source of increased risk of future epidemics,” the Chancellor said.

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He warned of possible “potential starting point” for another outbreak of the condition, saying “the potential for a new epidemic is mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Because of their handling of the health emergency, questions were raised about the particular “distrust” that some experts in the population have identified with the majority of governments. American billionaire “We need monitoring systems that can work even if the local government is inactive or not interested in disclosing information,” he said.

When asked about “the biggest impact of Govit-19 in the community,” Gates said, “it has shattered the hope that you’ve been able to go to work and spend time on the trip to the office.”

Govt-19 disrupted the regular lives of people around the world. Photo: iStock

According to Magnet, the events of teleworking, telemedicine and virtual education, thanks to sites such as “Teams and Zoom”, represent an alternative that the planet does not consider too firmly.

“To some extent, it works and the software is constantly being updated to the amazement of the people,” he concluded.

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