October 2, 2023

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Benedict XVI: Why Gregory XII resigned, the last pope to leave office 600 years before Joseph Ratzinger.

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Gregory XII was the last pope to resign before Benedict XVI.

When Benedict XVI left the Petrine ministry in February 2013, he did not cause a stir in the Catholic Church because he was the first pope to renounce his papacy (in fact, he was only the fourth to do so), but the closest predecessor was traced back 600 years.

After Joseph Ratzinger reflected on the “rapid changes” of the world, “due to advanced age” the cardinals felt that Gregory XII, in 2005, did not have the strength to exercise the office that elected him in 1415. , there were other problems.

Because if the condemnations of hundreds of pedophilia cases within the Church or the conflicts with the Vatican Bank seem to us the most serious conflicts that the Pope could face, Gregorio is no more and no less than others. Two parallel popesEach with their own followers, their own sacred college of cardinals and their own administrative offices.

The crisis went down in history under the names of the Western Schism, the Great Schism, or the Great Western Schism.