May 23, 2024

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A Venezuelan woman has died in a house fire in Peru


A Venezuelan woman has died in a blaze and a Peruvian citizen has lost everything in a recorded fire in her home in San Luis. Peru.

The U.S. Notice News Agency reports that firefighters were slow to arrive at the scene of the crash due to bars, gates and parked cars in the urbanization of Juan Pablo II.

The victim was a 30-year-old woman Venezuela The Peruvian resident and homeowner said all of his savings and belongings had been burned.

Asked for help

The victim was identified as Mabel Lezama Rojas, 30, who worked at a fruit market and rented a room in the building.

“I told Mabel to come downstairs. There’s a person upstairs, please help me.

The owner of the property said he lost all of his possessions and burned the money he had saved to use for expenses. “I have nothing now. The money I have to pay for my son’s monthly allowance, campus and water. Everything was destined, and now everything is burned.

Some parked their motorcycle taxis and left as the outside of the house occasionally functioned as a garage. However, four of these vehicles were destroyed by fire. The roof of the house next door was also destroyed in the fire.

Alvina had to leave her house as the fire destroyed everything.

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