June 26, 2024

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Donald Trump’s Blunt Response After Calling Actor Robert De Niro a “Clown”

Donald Trump’s Blunt Response After Calling Actor Robert De Niro a “Clown”

Credit: Steve Helper | AP

The verbal conflict between Donald Trump and Robert De Niro added a new chapter this Wednesday, when the Republican presidential candidate used his social network Truth Social to respond to the famous Hollywood actor, describing him as a “clown”. Joe Biden in front of a Manhattan courtroom where the president is on trial.

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The relationship between the former president and the winner of the best actor Oscar for his role in Raging Bull (1980) was not an isolated episode, but always tense and received many cross-criticisms. In that sense, the 80-year-old artist said two weeks ago that if Trump wins the November election in the United States, “it’s over,” anticipating “a lot of civil strife.”

This Tuesday, De Niro doubled down, declaring in front of a New York court: “We’ve forgotten the lessons of history, which showed us other clowns who weren’t taken seriously until they became evil dictators. We have a second chance with Trump and no one is laughing now. It’s time to take him out and stop him once and for all.

Donald Trump’s Response to Robert De Niro: “Pathetic and Sad”

True to form, Donald Trump didn’t let De Niro’s comments go. Through his social network Truth Social, the former president and now re-candidate attacked and disqualified both the actor’s mental and physical integrity, describing him as a “crazy ex-actor”.

“I had no idea how small, mentally and physically insane former actor Robert De Niro was. Today, De Niro, suffering from Trump Detachment Syndrome, commonly known as TDS in the medical community, finds himself outside the courthouse with more power than the far-left — Maga.” Trump wrote.

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The businessman later continued: “Robert, whose films, art and brand value have been greatly diminished since entering the political arena at the behest of the corrupt Joe Biden, was very miserable and sad out there.”

Clash between Robert De Niro and Donald Trump

The showdown between Trump and De Niro comes amid heightened political tension with presidential elections on the horizon. The actor, a longtime Democrat, has been a vocal supporter of President Joe Biden and has used the media to repeatedly criticize Trump. This last public appearance was no exception.

In his appearance on The View, De Niro had already clarified his stance on Trump winning the election: “Imagine if he actually won the election: It’s over. We’re going to have a lot of civil strife. His statements reflect a deep fear of the consequences of a second Trump term.

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