May 26, 2024

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Yasiel Buick was incarcerated in a California prison

Yasiel Buick was incarcerated in a California prison

“The bettor is the first to know he won’t win”… famous bettor El Cumanes.

Question of the Week: Since 2008, Yasiel Püig, a Cuban from Cienfuegos, has played professional baseball in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Korea, in the minors and major leagues. How much did you charge for your services?

Answer: Püig received 67 million 984 thousand dollars in cash, apart from transport, accommodation, food and connections.

The New Port Coast, California Department of Justice announced Buick, who is now playing in Korea, will be sentenced to no less than five years in prison. This is published by “Larry Brown Sports”.

He would receive two convictions for being part of an illegal gambling network and lying to a judge.

He wagered hundreds of thousands of dollars on major league games. In 2019, he lost $282,900 on his bets.

It’s unclear how Commissioner Rob Manfred will handle the case, but Yasiel is more guilty than Pete Rose, or banned for life from baseball.

Buick, who played for the Dodgers from 2013-18 and the Reds and Indians in 2019, is more famous in the baseball world for his misdeeds than his accomplishments on the field.

He has faced many difficulties with the police, including walking on the highway in his underwear and urinating on public roads, trying to assault a police officer and assaulting a woman.

This 31-year-old Cuban, who dyes his hair red, would have played some 20 major league seasons, but he became unbearable for those at that level, so he took refuge in Korean baseball with the Kwoom Heroes. Even though he made close to $70 million from gambling, he was busted by gambling.

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Official information on the case indicates that Püig was part of an illegal gambling network, a minor league player they have not publicly identified. The activities were performed by many former professional athletes and clients, active professional athletes. The bet was in the millions of dollars.

Yasiel Püig made his Major League debut with the Dodgers on June 3, 2013, and will turn 32 in a few days on December 7. His last game with the Indians in the Major Leagues was on September 27, 2019.

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