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Xi Jinping supports Russia’s initiative in providing NATO security guarantees


15 dic 2021 11:06 GMT

During their meeting, the presidents of Russia and China spoke out against the formation of new alliances in the Asia-Pacific region, such as AUKUS and QUAD, said Yuri Ushakov, an adviser to Vladimir Putin.

Yuri Ushakov, an adviser to Vladimir Putin, said after the meeting that Chinese President Xi Jinping supported Russia’s attempt to force NATO to provide security guarantees to Moscow.

The Chinese leader stressed that “I understand Russia’s concerns Fully supports our efforts to improve warranties Security correspondents for Moscow, Ushakov said.

Ushakov also explained that Russian diplomats on Wednesday gave the US delegation “firm recommendations aimed at improving legal security guarantees for Russia.”

In this case, Putin insisted Moscow is ready to begin negotiations immediately In this regard, he expressed confidence that the US and NATO would act “in a positive way”, said an adviser to the Russian president.

During the meeting, Putin and Xi Jinping also discussed US operations in the Asia-Pacific region and spoke out against the formation of a four-state security dialogue (QUAD, US, alliances). Japan, Australia and India and AUKUS (US, UK and Australia), Ushakov said.

Meeting amid various foreign policy challenges

The meeting took place amid various foreign policy challenges for the two countries. As for Russia, these challenges are related to NATO operations in its neighboring region and tensions around Ukraine, while China faces alliances against it in the Indo-Pacific region and operations around Taiwan: the island that Beijing considers part of its territory and its close relationship with the United States.

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At the beginning of the virtual meeting, Putin declared that the relations between Moscow and Beijing are “a real example of inter-state cooperation in the 21st century.” “A new model of cooperation between our countries has been developed, among other things, on the basis of non-interference in internal affairs and respect for mutual interests, commitment to change the collective boundary. Belt of eternal peace and good neighbors“, He said.

Xi, Xi said he “strongly supports China’s efforts to safeguard key national interests and strongly opposes attempts to create a rift between the two countries.”

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