May 19, 2024

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World leaders convince Iran not to attack Israel

World leaders convince Iran not to attack Israel

Tensions between Israel and Iran rose last week after seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed in an attack blamed on the Israeli military on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

Hossein Salami is the leader of Iran's Revolutionary Army. Photo: Reuters

United States Secretary of State, Anthony BlinkenHe conducted a round of calls with his colleagues from Turkey, China and Saudi Arabia Try to prevent Iran to attack against Israel.

Anthony Blinken.  Photo: EFE.Anthony Blinken. Photo: EFE

Fears of such a large-scale attack come after recent threats by Iran against Israel and Israeli officials insisting on a specific response should it happen.

If various attacks occur between the two countries, it is a Escalation of conflict in the Middle East This, according to the State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller“It's not in the interest of Iran, it's not in the interest of the region or the world.”

AMIA.  Photo: Delum.

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The judge concluded that the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA were ordered by Iran and carried out by Hezbollah.

US support for Israel continues

Head of US Diplomacy, Anthony BlinkenIsraeli Defense Minister said, Yoav Gallantto change America's “resolute support” “against these threats”.

He was also responsible for stressing to Gallant the need for Israel to comply with the commitments it made last week. Improving access to humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

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For his part, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Godswarned that “If Iran attacks from its own territory, Israel will retaliate and attack Iran”.