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Why they are called Tren de Aragua: A story that began with an innocuous idea to establish a labor union

Why they are called Tren de Aragua: A story that began with an innocuous idea to establish a labor union
The criminal success of the Trent de Aragua lies in the diversity of crimes they commit to accumulate large amounts of dirty money and develop their criminal structures. (National)

Rapid expansion of the feared Crime Squad of Aragua train In Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and other countries in Latin America, it has been the focus of attention from officials, citizens, and the media. There is deep concern about his criminal versatility and excessive ambition to capture everything in his path. Experts agree that if they are not stopped, a “worst-case” scenario will follow.

Trent de Aragua is known as a well-organized criminal network Venezuela. Initially its presence was limited to that country, but over the years it has realized the need to expand its tentacles to other parts of the region. This would not have been possible if it had not achieved alliances with other smaller criminal gangs that became its factions.

Currently, it is considered as one Criminal organizations The most powerful foreign companies and the company operating in the largest number of illegal businesses. They amass millions through various crimes like extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking, sexual exploitation and assault.

The authorities dealt a heavy blow by arresting several leaders of the Tren de Aragua, but the band managed to regroup. (Infobae mix)

Since 2018, the Aragua train Across Latin America, it expanded meteorologically at the same rate as Venezuelans migrated. But the band’s beginnings go back not only to that year, but further back.

According to InSightCrimeThis dreaded criminal group emerged in 2005 with important railway construction in the city AraguaLocated in the central-north Venezuela. That year, a harmless union of workers was formed, with almost zero supervision in the workplace in this area. The name chosen for his movement was Tren de Aragua.

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Old reports indicate that it did not take long for the union to become corrupt and see an opportunity to accumulate large sums of money for its members in “commission collection”. The group started demanding an amount for a construction job, but not satisfied with this, they also changed their shares Extortion For contractors.

The Tren de Aragua worked well to sow terror wherever it went, and to displace other dangerous national or foreign criminal gangs.

Since then, the Aragua train It expanded its criminal activities, and when construction ceased in 2011, the movement transformed from a syndicate to a criminal gang. But it wasn’t incorporated until 2013, by Hector Rutherford Guerrero Flores.Warrior child‘.

The latter was imprisoned st and established alliances with former union members. Preso rose very quickly and established himself at the top of the gang’s criminal pyramid.

According to InSightCrimeVarious factors contributed Crime Squad Strengthening “On the one hand, the prison reforms ordered by then-prisons minister Iris Varela in 2013 were never implemented in Tocorón. As a result, Guerrero began collecting the ‘reason’, the monthly amount owed by inmates.

Hector Rutherford Guerrero Flores, also known as ‘Nino Guerrero’, joined the Trent de Aragua and his knack for crime allowed the gang to consolidate in 2013.

Meanwhile, outside the prison, Tren de Aragua faced some obstacles in establishing its control and operations. Skillfully, Guerrero recruited the leaders of the criminal gangs in the San Vicente neighborhood. Tree nutsAragua’s capital, about 30 kilometers from Tocoron, where they established another center of operations.

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Years passed and the criminal gang became more powerful, but between 2015 and 2017 it was able to disappear with the implementation of Operation Liberation of the People (OLP), which had a series of questionable actions. The Venezuelan government must eradicate crime throughout the country.

It is considered as the first members Aragua train They arrived in Peru at the end of 2019, but in a scattered manner. Only after a few months they will see our country as a suitable place to set up their criminal machinery.

Last Saturday, they captured three members of this smuggling ring in Lima, who were hiding a hand grenade, bulletproof vest and 70 bags of marijuana. Meanwhile, in Chile they captured 5 chiefs, and the battle for land continues in Colombia.

One of the crimes that heralded his arrival occurred in early 2020 on the second floor of a fast food restaurant located in the Rizzo shopping center in Linz. The Peruvian pimp was killed by multiple shots Isaac Hilario Humanalli‘ known asSolo Isaac‘.

Peruvian police determined that the perpetrators of the crime were assailants from Los Gallegos, a faction of the Tren de Aragua. Jose Luis Rodriguezalias ‘Mamera‘. The killing of ‘Solo Isaac’ opened the door for Venezuelan gangs to control sexual exploitation in the region. What followed was familiar history.

Currently, tents Aragua train According to police reports from various countries, it is all over Latin America. Its members operate from different locations, but they do not rule alone. Investigations reveal that the criminal mind of this foreign gang is located right in the pavilion of a prison in the state of Aragua. st.

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Behind the key orders to continue the expansion of the criminal organization’Warrior child‘.