June 25, 2024

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Why millions of MacBook Pro users should avoid Apple's latest update

Why millions of MacBook Pro users should avoid Apple's latest update

The latest update to macOS Sonoma addressed many bugs and issues, but millions of MacBook, iMac, and Mac users are still waiting for Apple to fix a slew of bugs on their computers.

Latest macOS Ventura feature update Multiple problems That made it difficult to use on Macs. Reported issues include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues, failed Time Machine backups, UI lag, TouchID issues, and various issues with first- and third-party apps.

Ventura isn't the latest version of macOS, but it is the latest version that will run on the millions of Macs and MacBooks that are still within their support window. If you have an Intel-based Mac from 2017 or earlier, macOS Ventura is at the highest possible level, so Apple continues to release code updates and security patches.

Apple kept at it Intel-based Macs on sale through June 2023when it launched the first Mac Pro powered by the ARM-based Apple Silicon processor. Back to 2017Apple shipped 19.7 million Mac devices, a slight increase from 18.6 million in 2016, with the vast majority Among them are MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops.

there General consensus That a MacBook will be in use for 5 to 8 years on average (with the average desktop Mac being in use a little longer). While there will be users who have upgraded their devices over the intervening years, there will be millions of active Macs that could be affected by the latest issues introduced to macOS Venutra 13.6.6

Apple this week moved new versions of iOS 17.5, watchOS 10.5, and macOS Sonoma 14.5 into beta testing, which means a full public release a few weeks later. With macOS Ventura updates typically released alongside macOS Sonoma updates, it will be May before any potential fixes reach the millions of affected Macs, and that's assuming the next version can address all the issues.

In the meantime, if you still have the option to update to macOS Venutra 13.6.6, consider this option carefully. It will offer the latest security patches, but it comes with a large number of issues.

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