May 23, 2024

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WHO: Sinovac and Sinoform vaccines require three doses

Chinese vaccines, developed by Sinovac and Sinoform Laboratories, should be given in three doses, based on inactivated viruses, while two have been vaccinated so far, experts from the World Health Organization, which analyzed the global vaccine program, noted today.

“All the evidence indicates that a third dose of the same vaccine or their counterparts is needed,” Mexican expert Alejandro Kravioto, chair of the WHO Strategic Advisory Committee (SAGE), told a news conference.

The WHO recommended immunization programs not only from these two laboratories, which administer 2.2 billion doses in China, but also from countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa or Eastern Europe where they imported and used these vaccines.

Although Europe and the United States do not approve the use of synovac and synoform vaccines, the WHO has listed them as emergency applications and asked the international community to do so in order to avoid discrimination against travelers from certain countries.

Kravioto noted that this third dose should first be given to people over 60 years of age, an age group that has more problems responding to the corona virus after being vaccinated with cinnabar or synoform.

The SAGE expert, a group of experts who met last week to discuss global vaccination strategies, opened the door to a third anticoagulant dose for those vaccinated with synovac or synoform, one of the others approved by the WHO. , Johnson, Astrogeneca).

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