June 20, 2024

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Who and what is proposing the right-wing Jose Antonio Cast who is leading the elections in Chile?

“I’m serious, but what do they say is serious?” Right-winger Jose Antonio Castle will be challenged to rule Chile after the second round on December 19. In line with leaders such as Jair Bolsanaro and Donald Trump – who he met with – and members of the Vox of Spain party, the Chilean candidate points out his differences. “Don’t hold me to the extreme right, because I do not,” he clarified to a foreign journalist, urging him to position himself on the left or right.

“I hope they will evaluate me as a general knowledge candidate.” This was added by Cost, 55. He did so during a heated meeting with foreign media reporters a week ago Presidential election this Sunday, Of which 58% of the votes were counted and 28.5% came first.

After a surprising promotion, Gabriel, a former member of the Free Democratic Union (UDI), will run in the second round against the war.

Cast was a member of the UDI for 20 years, and in 2019 he formed the Republican Party, which today leads him to a second election attempt. In 2017 I already tried. He then finished fourth with 7.93% of the vote.

Cast, married with nine children, is an active member of the conservative Schnstadt Catholic movement. The son of German immigrants who came to the country from South America in 1951, his father was part of the Nazi army, however, according to the candidate, he did so “on duty.”

Family of Jose Antonio Costin

In Chile, his family settled in Payne, a suburb of Santiago, where they made their fortune through a traditional German sausage factory and a restaurant chain called Bavaria.

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Castin’s first public office was the Commune Councilor of Peon (near Payne) between 1996 and 2000. He later jumped into parliament and has been vice president four times in a row.

In this new presidential tour, he maintains a smile and rationality, yet as the election approaches he was too nervous to highlight the admiration he knew for the Pinochet era, with more than 3,200 dead and missing.

“There is a situation that makes a difference in what is happening in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. I believe what happened in Nicaragua fully reflects what did not happen in Chile (with Pinochet): democratic elections were held and political opponents were not suppressed. It makes a fundamental difference,” Cast argued about dictatorship.

Cast defends the constitution, which was drafted in 1980 during the dictatorship, and considers it “a complete transformation of democracy.” For this reason, it does not support the constitutional process that took place in Chile after the 2019 riots.

As part of the government’s agenda, Cost proposes cutting public spending, reducing taxes and eliminating various ministries, including women.

He was one of seven candidates who proposed to maintain the private pension system established during the dictatorship, which was heavily criticized in public opinion.

It proposes the intervention of the armed forces in the La Araucania region of southern Chile, which is burdened by the conflict with the Mapuche tribe, and raises prison sentences for common crimes.

One of its most controversial plans is to create an exceptional situation for detaining enemies in places other than homes or prisons and for closing down the National Human Rights Commission.

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Finally, he hopes to build a trench to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, abolish compensation for victims of human rights abuses during the dictatorship, and create an “international counter-terrorism left coalition.”

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