July 15, 2024

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Only ID card is required to vote outside the country

Only ID card is required to vote outside the country
Defenders Enrique Marquez seeks to eliminate the disqualification of the enemy

Enrique Marquez, vice president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), has vowed that the voting rights of Venezuelans outside the country should not depend on the existence of a political agreement between Nicolas Maduro’s government and the opposition.

Despite the provisions of Section 64, the Rector said Constitution “All Venezuelans who have reached the age of 18 are voters.

Marquez stressed, “What the CNE discusses and implements has a lot to do with the political agreements that shape the country’s political class. The CNE does not escape the reality of the country and contains elements of national policy that need to be considered.”

CNE on Voting Abroad

Similarly, the Rector stressed that the issue had not been duly reported and therefore had not reached the CNE Board. According to the interview conducted Chronicle one.

“According to the law, political agreement is not necessary,” Marquez said. At the same time, he said, “The CNE You need to take the initiative to fix the components you need to fix. And they have been proven to violate the rights of citizens.

He also talked about facilitating the right of citizens to vote wherever they are. To this end, he suggested, it could be a strategy to open as many centers as needed, beyond the embassy centers.

Marquez agreed to remove that legal residency requirement, because the only requirement Venezuela would be asked for inside the country was his identity card.

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