June 25, 2024

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What jobs don’t require you to speak English?

What jobs don’t require you to speak English?

Florida It has a 25% Hispanic or Latino population, many of whom do not speak English. However, they have job opportunities. What jobs they can apply for and what they get paid.

Florida: Spanish-speaking population

Many countries Latin America They are in crisis, so many migrate to start somewhere new with more possibilities. So, Florida has a population of 21.5 million, of which 5.6 million are Hispanic or Latino. According to the 2022 American Community Survey and data provided by the US Census Bureau, 22.2% of immigrants speak Spanish at home.

These Spanish-speaking people can find work even if they lack English-language resources.

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Florida: Work without speaking English

In fact, according to the job search engine, there are five jobs where immigrants don’t need English.

cook. This is a position that does not require contact with clients and, depending on the institution and academic training in the subject, the average salary is $41,433 per year.

Cleaning staff. Another job that is limited to doing without interacting with interested parties. From cleaning, sweeping and dusting, to organizing and rearranging. There is an excellent offer in the sector. The median annual salary is $31,620.

Truck driver. Workers in the sector only have to accurately read signs on routes and highways, although they also have the help of virtual maps on their cellphones that can be programmed in their own language. The median annual salary is $46,141.

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Reception. In Florida, but especially in Orlando, there is an interesting offer for those seeking this position; The average salary is $27,700 per year.

Maintenance Technician. Repairs are required in all states, but expanded to repair specific machines without much contact with customers in Florida. The median annual salary is $46,766.

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Ron DeSantis helps non-English speakers

In a special election event, Ron DeSantis signed 16 pieces of legislation last week, passing them after debate and approval by legislators.

One of these regulations changes laws regarding state assistance to people involved in judicial proceedings in Florida. In this scenario, the government focuses on providing free translators to those who do not speak English.

This change will reach a good portion of Florida’s Spanish-speaking and Latino population; Until now, it was only the right of the underprivileged.

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Leonardo Schwarz

DeSantis signed more laws

This week, Ron DeSantis signed a significant number of laws that will change the daily lives of Florida citizens.

The Republican governor signed HB 1069 into law. It allowed to challenge books or teaching materials in public schools in the state on topics related to ‘obscenity’ or sexuality education and gender identity and sexual orientation.

The intent is to use the tool for political purposes, and according to a report by the organization for literature and free expression PEN America, there were 3,135 book ban cases in Florida in the half year between 2023 and 2024.

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Therefore, HB 1285 limits the number of books a school district can challenge to one objection per month.

The new regulations will go into effect July 1 and DeSantis said in an interview with the Florida Phoenix: “If you’re someone who doesn’t have a child in school, and you’re going to object to 100 books, I don’t think so. appropriate.”