March 4, 2024

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We have the weapons to destroy America.

We have the weapons to destroy America.

Moscow, (EFE)

Forgetting the lessons of history, some in the West are already talking about a revenge that would lead to a military victory over Russia. In this regard, we can only say one thing (…). If Russia’s existence is threatened, Russia has unique modern weapons capable of destroying any adversary, including the United States,” Patrushev said in an interview with the official newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta.”

At the same time, he emphasized that “Russia is patient and does not frighten anyone with its military superiority.”

Patrushev, who is considered one of the hawks closest to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said, “In the event of a direct conflict with Russia, the United States could launch a pre-emptive strike, after which Russia would no longer be able to respond.” “.

“This is short-sighted nonsense, very dangerous indeed,” he added.

Patrushev blamed NATO

In turn, Patrushev accused NATO of directly participating in the conflict in Ukraine by providing the country with weapons and intelligence to defeat Russia.

“Indeed NATO countries are part of the conflict. They have turned Ukraine into a huge military camp. They are sending weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian troops, providing them with intelligence information obtained by satellites and drones,” he said.

Patrushev pointed out that NATO instructors and advisers are preparing the Ukrainian army, while mercenaries from these countries are on the front lines, fighting as part of the Ukrainian armed forces.

“In trying to prolong this wartime conflict as long as possible, they have not hidden their main objective, which is to defeat Russia on the battlefield and then destroy it,” he said.

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Putin on Saturday announced an agreement with Belarus, which shares a border with Ukraine, to station tactical nuclear weapons on its territory.

In an interview with public television, he said that the training of the Belarusian army will begin on April 3, and that the underground silo will be built on July 1.

At first, he claimed that British plans to supply Kiev with uranium munitions were the impetus for the decision, although he later admitted that the US had been doing the same in Europe for decades and that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko had asked. He did so on several occasions

Putin made the announcement four days after urging the United States in a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to withdraw nuclear weapons abroad.