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Video: They catch fire burning under the snow near the coldest city on the planet


10 dic 2021 23:02 GMT

“It was in an area where wildfires were intense in the summer,” the author of the video said.

Someone has recorded a video of a fire burning just below the iceberg near the Russian city of Oymyakon, which is considered to be the coldest populated area on the planet.

The author of the video, Semión Sívtsev, confirmed that the recording was made near the village of Khara-Tumul, not far from Oimiakón. “It was in an area where wildfires were intense in the summer.” Appointment The Siberian Times explained to the man that the burning was Pete Poke.

In Oymyakon, in the Yakutia region (eastern Siberia), temperatures these days fluctuate between 35 and 45 degrees below zero. On February 6, 1933, a historical low of -67.7º was officially recorded at this location.

Massive fires were reported in the region this summer, affecting more than 17 million hectares.

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