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Russia: US ignores Moscow warnings, NATO approaches Russia borders

Russia: US ignores Moscow warnings, NATO approaches Russia borders


10 dic 2021 12:52 GMT

Moscow emphasizes the need to achieve lasting legal protection guarantees, confirms Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov.

If the United States does not accept its proposals for security guarantees and continues to ignore them, Russia will not rule out an unbalanced response to advances in NATO’s military infrastructure towards its borders. WarningsRussian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov said.

“Unfortunately, we see our warnings being ignored and NATO’s military infrastructure collapsing. Approaching the maximum“, He said Senior official at the press conference.

Ryapkov stressed that NATO advances to the east should not “expand military or military-technological aircraft.” Nearby areas“, It’s happening now Ukraine “Harm to Russia’s security.”

Therefore, he argues, Moscow proposes to avoid a route to Washington New missile crisis.

“The deployment of these types of weapons near our borders, the withdrawal of destabilizing forces and resources, and the rejection of provocative actions, including various forms of maneuvering, we need guarantees, but these They have to be legalRyapkov insisted.

In this context, Russia proposes to “Bilateral and verifiable“Russian ban on the use of such systems.” Proposals are on the tableThey should not be ignored, “Riabkov said.

The Deputy Minister recalled that Russia has all the resources it needs Asymmetric answer If the United States rejects these proposals.

On Thursday, Ryapkov Guess It cannot be ruled out that bilateral relations between Russia and the United States could lead to a situation similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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