June 16, 2024

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Valorant is coming to PS5 and Xbox next week

Valorant is coming to PS5 and Xbox next week

At the Summer Games Festival, Riot Games announced this brave It’s finally coming to consoles, with a limited beta set to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series

The announcement was made on stage by brave Executive producer Andy Hu and production director Arnar Gylfason revealed this brave It has been ported to consoles while keeping the essence of the game the same as its PC counterpart.

While essence brave The experience will remain the same, with the console versions maintaining parity with the PC version when it comes to content and balance updates, and there will be no cross-play between platforms due to how each version is controlled. Simply put, console players will have little chance against the precise aiming of PC players.

However, you will have a shared inventory of cosmetics and progress across the two versions of the game, so there is no need to buy expensive skins twice.

“When exploring whether to bring it in brave “For additional platforms, we knew we had to be able to deliver the same uncompromising competitive experience we’ve offered PC players for years: a precise, team-based tactical shooter,” Gylfason said. “We were adamant about it Valorant Core competitive gameplay should feel natural on console; And – if we couldn’t deliver on that promise of play – we had to be willing to give it up. We hope we have succeeded in achieving this, but at the end of the day, our players will have the final say.

how to play brave On Xbox and PS5

For anyone hoping to play brave On PS5 or Xbox Series Players in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Japan will be able to play the game brave The console beta begins on June 14 at 1 PM PT, and is expected to roll out globally later if all goes smoothly. On a side note, I’m not sure why Riot felt the need to include the UK on the list, considering it’s part of Europe.

If you want to play in the beta when it launches, you’ll need to register your interest Official Website.

Unfortunately there is no news on the rumors brave The mobile port that has been approved for launch in China. However, with brave The Shanghai Masters is still ongoing and there is still hope for an announcement this weekend.

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