June 24, 2024

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Vaca climbed on a pool slide and caused a stir on social networks (+ video)

She was going to take him to a butcher shop, but managed to escape. Now he is very popular.

A clueless cow climbed into a waterfall at a club located in the municipality of Nova Granada in the Brazilian state of So Paulo and starred in an eager rescue operation, g1 reports.

As seen in a viral post on social networks, the quartet slipped on the slide and got stuck while sliding. Then several Witnesses came to his aid and threw him out of the pool.

Thought the slide would not stand. They say it can carry up to 200 kilograms. ”

“The animal was a little hot, wants to swim and had to use the water slide. That’s all. The animal didn’t die, it was clean,” he said.

The owner of the beef, Carlos Miguel Cerrante, revealed that the two-year-old animal, which was raised on a nearby farm, escaped shortly before being taken to the slaughterhouse.

“A man came to say that [la vaca] He climbed to the top of a slide. I don’t believe it, “said Serande.

Now the owner of Ruminant, who escaped from the adventure, decided to turn his bull into a pet and get the name Toboka, which means ‘slide’.

He will be here for the people. People want to know where it is. It turned out to be an attraction, ”he stressed.

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