July 14, 2024

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PJ denied entry to a Venezuelan who had been living at Jorge Chavez Airport for more than two months and had to return to his country.

PJ denied entry to a Venezuelan who had been living at Jorge Chavez Airport for more than two months and had to return to his country.
Young Venezuelan woman had her documents stolen while in Italy – credit Cuarto Poder

He Authorized person of Peru He rejected the request Recruitment Application provided for DULIANNA SANCHEZ PERERACitizen Venezuelawho was in Jorge Chavez International Airport More than two months. The decision forces the 28-year-old to return to his home country.

In that sense, though they said Political Constitution of 1993 Recognizes the right to freedom of movement, which is not absolute as it is a condition of compliance with immigration laws.

The case of Luis Gonzalez Delgado was decided by the 8th Circuit Preparatory hearing of the Superior Court of Calao. The action was also against the Kalaw zonal headquarters of the National Immigration Inspectorate.

The parents of the 28-year-old girl asked to see her, but she was in the international area – credit system / Andina

faced rejection by the Judiciary and the Refugee Review Commission, Duliana Decide to travel for free Venezuela.

Accordingly migrationsIn 2023, more than 600 foreigners were denied entry into the country Jorge Chavez Airport. These nationals do not have the required visas under reciprocal and immigration protection policies.

The agency noted that these individuals should be returned to their home country on the flight that originally carried them, free of charge. Then, they can return to Peru, provided entry requirements are met.

migrations Also remember that companies bringing passengers who do not comply with all requirements such as visa requirements will be fined.

The safe conduct that Venezuela wanted to grant him only enabled his return to the country – compilation credit Infobae / Cuarto Poder

28-year-old Juliana Sanchez Pereira was caught International Zone of Jorge Chavez Airport In Lima, he has been living for more than two months after losing his identity documents.

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According to a report The fourth force, He came to Peru in 2019 and has been working on various brands; However, he lost his passport and work permit during a trip to Europe in September 2023, putting him in a precarious situation.

The incident took place while Sanchez was there ItalyEspecially cities Rome And VeniceThere he was the victim of a robbery.

The young woman sought help Consulate General, But she was not granted the safe conduct she demanded, but rather turned away Embassy of Venezuela. Venezuela's safe conduct allowed him to return to his home country, which did not resolve his situation.

Young Venezuelan Jorge Chavez isn't the only case of a man stranded at an airport – Cuarto Poder's debt bust

Sanchez's attorney Gabriel Gonzalez explained The fourth force Difficulties faced by his client at the airport. For example, because there were only chairs and the lights were always on, I couldn't get a decent place to rest; And he had no chance of receiving an audience, and thus he did not often wear clean clothes.

Juliana Sanchez is not the only foreign national with indefinite permanent status Jorge Chavez's international section, As other travelers have reported similar situations.

The Office of the Ombudsman intervened in the case by sending a document to National Immigration Monitor. Through the letter, he appealed to Decree 1350, which allows immigrants to reunite with their families in the country; However, according to its own interpretation of the terms, the agency said this category does not include parents.

Throughout her stay at the airport, migrations He was firm in his position not to make immigration rules more flexible for specific cases. Immigration Registration and Control Director Fernando Nunez indicated in the study plan that Sanchez would respect the legal process initiated by habeas corpus, though he said there would be no immediate changes to their policy.

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