June 16, 2024

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Two Venezuelan girls were killed when a stone fell on their house in Colombia

Two Venezuelan girls were killed when a stone fell on their house in Colombia

The landslide was caused by heavy rain, which, though not on a large scale, caused the displacement of the rock.

The Venezuelan family living in Piedmont, Santander, Colombia, is living a miserable life when a large rock fell on their humble home, killing two girls, aged 10 and 13.

“This house is located in a hilly area in difficult conditions. The landslide was small, but it fell along with a large rock and crashed into the room where the child was, causing an emergency, ”said William Javier Nino, director of risk management at Piedgusta.

The two girls were sisters and studied in the municipality of Piedmont.

Neighbors in the area are helping to provide support to a Venezuelan family affected by the winter devastation in Santander.

“The sector is being assessed as if this rock collapses further it will cause severe damage to the lower part of the sector,” the official said.

In this sector, 20 municipalities have been affected by landslides, river overflows and road damage.

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