February 27, 2024

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Those hanged in Brazil were rescued by a note sent in a bottle

Those hanged in Brazil were rescued by a note sent in a bottle
Recovered Brazil
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Six disasters lost as a result of the storm, Were rescued in Brazil Thanks for the tip sent in a bottle. This is a story that came out of a fairy tale, but it happened on a river in the state of Para, in the center of the Brazilian Amazon. This was reported by official sources on Thursday.

After surviving several days on an island, Castaway wrote a note, put it in a plastic water bottle, tied it to a float, and threw it into the water. A few hours later, a fisherman found her and reported to the Brazilian navy, who were able to rescue them.

“Help! Help! We need help. Our boat is on fire. We have been without food for 13 days on Flexos (sic) Island. Let our families know,” the evacuees wrote in a photo released by the Navy, along with the contact phone numbers of their relatives.

Brazil rescued after shipwreck
Photo: EFE / Brazilian Navy

It all started on March 24, when the six crew members set sail in a medium-sized boat from the city of Santarem for about 10 days in the city of Chaos. The latter is near the mouth of the Amazon River.

During the voyage a storm surprised them and the bad weather made it difficult to move, the boat caught fire and they were forced to search for shelter.

“I’m unemployed. I left Santarem for this voyage. On the way we were caught in a storm and the ship caught fire in the kitchen area,” Jefferson Marcos, one of the crew members rescued by the Navy, was quoted as saying in a statement.

Thanks to a note on a bottle, those hanged in Brazil were rescued

According to Marcos, between the six of them they were able to take “Bom Jesus” to the beach of an island called La Flecha, about 150 kilometers from Bethlehem, the capital of Bara. They survived 17 days with the food and rainwater they brought to the place.

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On the ninth day on the island, it seemed to them to write a note, an idea that did not come from the stories they had seen as children or from the stories they had seen on television as children.

Sending notes into bottles built into a float is a tactic recommended by the Navy for this type of situation. Some of the team members knew from studies taken with naval officers.

The abductees were rescued by helicopter by the navy and were transferred to a medical center, although they were apparently in good health.

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