May 25, 2024

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This is the only country in South America that doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day in May: Why? | Latin America | Latin America | Argentina | Mexico | Peru | Venezuela | Argentina

This is the only country in South America that doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day in May: Why?  |  Latin America |  Latin America |  Argentina |  Mexico |  Peru |  Venezuela |  Argentina

The country is different from the rest of South America and celebrates its mothers in October. Photo: LR Composites/Freepik/Photodeposit

In the South American region, almost all countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May, with one exception. There is a region in the southern part of the continent where the third Sunday of October is the date chosen to honor mothers. This distinction stands out especially since all neighboring countries such as Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela celebrate in the second week of May.

Which is the only country in South America that does not celebrate Mother’s Day in May?

The only country in South America to celebrate Mother’s Day It’s out in May Argentina. The history of this celebration was officially established in 1931. Although the almost universal trend is towards May, the country maintains its unique custom in the subcontinent as it celebrates this date in October, the middle of spring.

Argentina celebrates Mother’s Day in October, not May like most countries. Photo: LR Composites/ Freepik

Why does Argentina celebrate Mother’s Day in October?

The origin of this uniqueness in Argentina is related to a Catholic tradition. At the Council of Ephesus in 431, Catholicism decided on October 11 ‘Day of the Divine Motherhood of Mary’, because she was recognized as the mother of Christ. Date established Pope Pius XI.

Argentina eventually accepted it Mother’s Day For religious reasons, he changed it to the Sunday before or after the closest Sunday to October 11. finally, In 1931, the third Sunday in October was established as the definitive date. Gathering with family to celebrate mothers who are present and to remember those who are no longer with us.

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Other countries like Peru and Chile celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Photo: IA

When is Mother’s Day in Argentina?

In ArgentinaHe Mother’s Day Reminds Third Sunday in October. The festival, initially with religious roots, has evolved into a celebration embraced by the entire community This 2024 falls on the 20th of that month.

For religious reasons, Argentina celebrates Mother’s Day in October. Photo: LR Composite/ Freepik

Which Latin American countries celebrate Mother’s Day outside of May?

In the case of Latin America There is only one 3 countries Who is celebrating? Mother’s Day On dates other than May, reflecting the cultural diversity on the continent. These countries are:

  • Argentina – Third Sunday in October
  • Costa Rica – August 15
  • Panama – December 8

Which South American countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May?

On the contrary ArgentinaMost South American countries celebrate Mother’s Day On the second Sunday of May, a tradition is firmly maintained. Countries following the custom this month include:

  • Second Sunday in May: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, PeruUruguay and Venezuela.
  • May 13: Suriname
  • Last Sunday in May: Bolivia

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated internationally in May?

The month of May has historically been associated with motherhood, especially in the Christian tradition of veneration of the Virgin Mary. In 1854, Pope Pius IX changed the feast of the Immaculate Conception from December 8 to May.A month dedicated to the Virgin Mary, many countries around the world have adopted the month of May to celebrate Mother’s Day, but not all.

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Women’s activism in the United States, such as Anna Jarvis, also contributed to this Mother’s Day Held in May; In this way, this tradition spread to many countries of the world.

What interests surround Mother’s Day in Argentina?

He Mother’s Day In Argentina it is celebrated on the third Sunday of October, which differs from many other countries that celebrate it in May. Here are some of interest:

  1. Date change: Originally, it was celebrated on October 11 in conjunction with the Catholic liturgical calendar to honor the Virgin Mary. In 1931, the date was changed to the third Sunday in October to suit modernity.
  2. Traditions: It is usually a holiday where families gather for a special lunch or dinner. Children give flowers, chocolates or other symbolic gifts to their mothers.
  3. Business impact: This celebration significantly boosts sales in sectors such as apparel, perfume and food products, and offers promotions and discounts to attract buyers.
  4. Emotional connection: Beyond the commercial aspect, it is a day of great emotional significance for many families, symbolizing gratitude and love for mothers.
  5. School celebration: In some schools, special events such as plays, crafts and refreshments are organized so that children can share the week before with their mothers.

What can I give for Mother’s Day?

From sweets to flowers, everything depends on your mother’s taste. However, you can choose gifts like chocolates, roses, dinner, necklaces, elegant clothes, new cell phone, books and more.

When is Mother’s Day in Mexico?

Another Latin American country that does not follow the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day Second Sunday in May Mexico. instead, This country remembers mothers May 10. The choice of this date is linked to the call made by Jose Vasconcelos, then Federal Secretary of Public Education, who proposed the institutionalization of this holiday. The initiative was announced by the Excelsior newspaper in April 1922, and the date chosen remains the same until now.

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In Mexico, May is considered the month of mothers and Guadalupe is the month of the Virgin. Photo: Unknown Mexico