July 19, 2024

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They captured Pedro looking super cute and holding hands with an unknown woman in Panama (VIDEO)

They captured Pedro looking super cute and holding hands with an unknown woman in Panama (VIDEO)


President Gustavo Pedro arrives in Panama to participate in the inauguration of Jose Raul Mulino, the winner of the May 5, 2024 election. The Colombian leader was received by the neighboring country’s officials at the Panama International Airport. Pacific; However, a video circulating on social networks has drawn attention, in which the president is seen with a woman who is not his wife, First Lady Veronica Alcozar.

By: Infobay

Upon arrival in Panama, the white-shirted president chatted for a few seconds with Foreign Minister Luis Gilberto Murillo, who was based in the Panamanian territory. The president’s activities included his participation in Mulino’s inauguration and bilateral meetings with Panamanian officials to discuss common interests between the two countries.

But during the night the President was recognized, not only by his distinctive physical characteristics, but also by the same white shirt he wore when he arrived in the territory of Panama.

Gustavo Pedro’s arrival in Panama to capture Mulino was obscured by the circulation of a video in which he appears with a woman who is not his wife – @luisa_bermdez / X Credit
In the video, President Pedro is seen walking with a woman accompanied by a bodyguard. In the footage, the president and the lady can be seen holding hands and laughing, and at the end of the clip, he hugs her around the waist. The scene caused a stir on social networks, where many users suggested that the president was cheating on his wife.

A representative of the Chamber Miguel Polo Polo did not hesitate to express his opinion on the matter. Through your X account (formerly Twitter). The lawmaker shared the video and revealed in an initial message: “What a dirty woman,” she later edited her post to say, “What a dirty woman.” His comment drew heavy criticism on social media.

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