December 10, 2023

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This is the moment Overwatch 1 is dead forever

This is the moment Overwatch 1 is dead forever

Six years after its release, the original Overwatch no longer exists, with Blizzard now pulling the plug on the game forever in preparation for free access to Overwatch 2 tomorrow.

Fans gathered earlier today to watch the final moments of Overwatch, marking this great occasion for generations to come. Despite his stature in the game complex, he met an unofficial end, blinking from the menu With a simple “offline” message.

At least some of the official chat server messages in the lobby attempted to give the occasion some significance, telling players, “Even the best trips come to an end, but there’s a new one around the corner. Thanks champs! See you on October 4th!” . The last message before forgetting about Overwatch 1 simply reads, “See you on the other side.”

Overwatch 1 is turned off.

Since Overwatch 1 was taken offline, Blizzard has posted a new in-game message explaining that servers are down as it prepares to launch Overwatch 2, and the second version is expected to go online from 7PM UK/11AM PST tomorrow. Inevitably, Blizzard is also using downtime to point players in the direction of the new Watchpoint pack — which contains the likes of the Overwatch 2 battle pass, skins, and premium currency — with a great “buy now” option.

Overwatch 2 launch show.

While Blizzard pulled off Overwatch 1 with little festivity or emotion, fans of the massively popular multiplayer shooter still remember the past six years and Sharing their memories From the game before its demise throughout the day, spread fan art and pay tribute to the arch-rivals/friends they met along the way.

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