July 22, 2024

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This CEO says 3 things that can help

This CEO says 3 things that can help

Once upon a time, having a college degree was enough to get a job with a good salary. However, today a college degree is only a small part of what is usually required to get a job in your desired field.

current market position Job seekers in advantageIncreased slots allow applicants to compete for more benefits, higher salaries, and more PTOs. However, recent graduates are still struggling for employment, with the unemployment rate rising at 4.1%, compared to the national average of 3.5% in June during the height of the graduation season, MSNBC Reports.

according to In factFresh graduates struggle to get a job after college due to high competition, insufficient work experience and lack of networks.

Here are three ways that young professionals can stand out, according to Lisa Lewin, CEO of Public Education Corporation, General Assembly.

1. Show your artistic skills

Being a technology expert is an essential skill for students and recent graduates. There is so much potential to make it a career.

The technology industry contributes more than $1.8 trillion to the US economy according to CompTIAIt is a non-profit association for the workforce in the field of information technology. They estimate that by the end of 2022, 178,000 new tech jobs will open in 48 states.

Whether or not you acquired IT skills in college, you can learn them through online resources, boot camps, and educational institutions like General Assembly. According to Lewin, these skills include Software engineering, data analytics, data engineering, data science, digital marketing skills, and digital product management.

Lewin says technical skills don’t “only apply to IT-based roles”. “It includes any challenging skills that they have acquired through education and practice, and young professionals should remember to highlight them in their job application materials.”

This could include skills like writing, Lewin says. “Writing is a difficult skill. This is a muscle that has to be developed, and there is a science to doing it well, doing it quickly and doing it gracefully. This is an artistic skill.”

2. Always be willing to learn

There is a common quote that says, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” This advice is true regardless of your career or level of experience.

“You always have to be prepared [to learn] “Because the demands for fresh, soft skills are always there,” says Lewin. No matter how advanced you are in your career, you should always be in an educational position… you should always be willing to constantly update these skills.”

Lewin says critical thinking, problem solving, synthesis, and data insights are all examples of skills that professionals, especially in their early careers, must constantly hone. This can be done by making use of courses, videos, and webinars.

3. Abandon social media

35 percent of teens ages 13 to 17 say they’re on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube “almost always,” according to another A report from the Pew Research Center. But networking and making real connections in real life are essential to career success.

Lewin says this increased screen time can lead to a decrease in interpersonal social skills.

To combat this, Lewin recommends that young people spend less time on their phones and more time communicating in person, which enhances emotional and social intelligence.

“Whatever field you’re in, the ability to relate to people, to be empathetic, to listen, to be kind, and to be human is probably the most powerful skill someone can have,” says Lewin. So put your phone screens away. Our virtual communication has multiplied, our human communication has deteriorated.

“If anyone really wants to hone their emotional intelligence skills, find someone to talk to you in the bodyShe adds. “This is a good place to start.”

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