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“They want to stop our growth”: Putin assures Russia that Russia is ready to face new sanctions


21 February 2022 01:36 GMT

The Russian president pointed out that the only way to act against these “illegal restrictions” was to “strengthen ourselves from within”, especially in the economic sphere, through import substitution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Condemned This Friday growing anti-Russian rhetoric in the West suggested that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would threaten sanctions against Moscow and impose possible punitive measures against the country, regardless of the situation in the neighboring country.

“Sanctions will be imposed In any case. For example, if there is an excuse today related to events in Ukraine or not, they will find it. The goal is different. The goal is to stop the growth of Russia and Belarus, “Putin said after meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.” To pursue this goal, they will always find a reason to impose some or other illegal sanctions. Nothing but one Unfair competition“, He added.

The Russian president considers this kind of pressure “completely illegal” in the form of sanctions. “It’s not Serious violation of international lawThose who talk about it now [las sanciones] They only care when it’s useful to them, and when it’s not, they happily forget about all sorts of public and international law, “Putin said, emphasizing that this is something” exactly “understandable to all.

“Unfortunately, those in power today have been living up to this example for many years. They consider themselves the owners of lifeThey interpret everything for their own benefit and ignore the interests of others, “said Putin.

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“Strengthen from within”

In this context, the Russian president stressed that the only way to act against this practice was to “become stronger from within,” especially in the economic sphere. Putin noted that Russia is ready to face pressure, thanks to its many efforts in this direction over the past eight years. Import ChangeA mission that is living 90% completed. “We have a lot more to do, which is called increasing the level of economic sovereignty,” he stressed.

At the same time, he pointed out that most countries facing such restrictions, including some of America’s allies, “tolerate” without trying to change the situation. “But, as I said many years ago, no one wants this: direct pressure in the form of secondary barriers or obstructions. Sooner or later This pus will definitely explode“, He concluded.

This Wednesday, Russian Finance Minister Anton Silvanov, Insisted again Moscow has the financial shield to protect the country’s economy in the event of new sanctions. We have a financial ‘shield’ on gold and foreign exchange reserves, low public debt, surplus and (budgetary) rule. There is a specific wallThere is a barrier against sanctions in Russia, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.