July 18, 2024

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Mariupol | Europe | D.W.

Mariupol |  Europe |  D.W.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday (04.22.2022) accused Ukrainian authorities of blocking the surrender of the last soldiers stationed in the town of Maripol (southeast) in the Azovstal industrial zone.

“If all Ukrainian soldiers, nationalist militants and foreign mercenaries lay down their lives, their lives are guaranteed,” the president said. “But the Kiev regime did not allow this to happen,” he said in a statement. A conversation with Charles Michael, President of the European Council.

Azovstal Industrial Zone, Mariupol (file photo)

On Thursday, Putin ordered the siege of the Azovstal area, where there are about 2,000 troops, according to Moscow, but did not order an attack to save the lives of Russian soldiers.

On Friday, Putin described the “irresponsible” statements of European officials as “necessary to resolve the situation in Ukraine by military means and to ignore the numerous Ukrainian war crimes.”

Similarly, the Kremlin leader accused the leaders of most EU countries of “clearly supporting rhetoric”, citing the exclusion of Russians from cultural and sporting events.

afp / dpa / ap / rr

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