June 17, 2024

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They reveal portraits of those responsible for the Cúcuta attack

Attack paintings

This Wednesday, the National Police released portraits of the individuals behind the two explosions at Camilo Daza Airport in Norte de Santander, Cúcuta, which led to the deaths of two police officers on December 14.

Director General of the Company, General George Louis Vargas Placeholder ImageHe also pointed out that up to 100 million pesos would be rewarded for information that would allow the detection of alleged criminals involved in terrorist activities.

We have three speech portraits. We are already developing a hypothesis. I have not yet been able to disclose it, which is being handled within the elite panel of the bomb investigation with the police’s counter-terrorism team, and we hope that this will lead to a full clarification of what happened, “General Vargas said.

Was identified

“They have already fully identified many people associated with an element that has been discovered and that would be crucial. Investigation.

In front of the group behind the attack, President Ivan Duque spoke about the FARC’s denial. The director of police added: “Gaor 33 is involved in a number of activities in Cúcuta and this is the way the drug trafficking gang commits crimes. We know John McCas is in Venezuela. We already have an array of events and most of the events that took place in urban, metropolitan and semi-rural areas were directed by ‘John ​​Mechas’.

The general reiterated that the vast majority of Gaor 33 was in Venezuela, where they met drug traffickers from other parts of the world, “from where they issue orders.”

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Similarly, he pointed out that the equipment used in the explosion was similar to the equipment used in previous attacks by this conflict.

Regarding the identification of civilians killed in the bombings, Vargas said progress was being made on the issue. “We already have technical data, we are very advanced,” he said.

The dead uniform wearers had all the elements to deal with the situation

The director of police has responded to a complaint made Wednesday by the wife of a mayor who was killed in a bomb blast.

Spoke with Belkys Báez, the wife of Mayor Barreno On the radio He further explained that he did not have the proper equipment to deactivate the bomb.

“Because of the lack of equipment, they did not sign the letters to deliver the equipment to them. The robot malfunctioned, the clothing was missing, and I do not know who was responsible for deciding when to deliver the goods. But it is all under investigation now,” Beas said.

In connection with this, Vargas replied that he was with the two men in uniform 15 days ago, when they were recognized by the police special night.

“They had the elements, they had the robot, they had the hooks, they had the water cannon. We are reviewing what happened because they had all the elements needed for this kind of event,” he said.

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