May 23, 2024

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Maduro supports the creation of a single currency in Latin America

Maduro supports the creation of a single currency in Latin America

On January 23 March, he reiterated that he was working on a plan to improve purchasing power.

Courtesy President Pres | Participated in the parade in Caracas

Nicolás Maduro, the President, has shown his support for the creation of a single currency in Latin America, which will be discussed at the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (SELAC) starting this Tuesday in Argentina.

“Venezuela is ready and we support the effort to create a Latin American and Caribbean currency. Independence, union and liberation of Latin America and the Caribbean!” The President said this Monday in the middle of his speech at the rally on January 23, encouraging the ruling party to end the economic sanctions.

The initiative comes from the leaders of Argentina (Alberto Fernandez) and Brazil (Luis Inacio Lula da Silva) and will be discussed at meetings in Buenos Aires this week.

Maduro halted his trip to the south of the continent due to security measures.

To defeat violence

Maduro also pointed out that “Venezuelans broke the cycle of violence that tried to reassert rights on social networks.”

People have mobilized by the millions, he emphasized, which was reflected in this “great demonstration of popular power in the streets of Venezuela.”

While hailing peace in Venezuela because “history is ours, victory is ours,” he noted the deployment in the country’s states and the Venezuelan capital, congratulating the sensitive and patriotic people.

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The national dignitary attended a parade this afternoon at Plaza O’Leary and walked to Miraflores.

“I am from the city. People’s power, people’s power, I am here only for you”, the President said today “we walk, hug, kiss and dance for new hope”.

“Today the people have marched for a just cause and I call on them to mobilize permanently against the criminal blockade, against the criminal blockade. Now we are going to the blockade, for the blockade, we have only one goal: the people in the streets to seize the victory against the blockade,” he stressed. .

He also told the workers that he was designing a plan to improve purchasing power.

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