March 4, 2024

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They rescued 13 Venezuelans from prostitution by the “Tren de Aragua” cell.

They rescued 13 Venezuelans from prostitution by the “Tren de Aragua” cell.

The police acted on information about a place of sexual exploitation that involved only minors in prostitution.

Courtesy Twitter | Those arrested – all Venezuelans – found guns

A section of the Aragua train was dismantled by the anti-trafficking unit of the Peruvian National Police, where they managed to rescue 13 Venezuelans, including three minors.

Those arrested were identified as: Cleudis Espina Mora (29) alias “Charly”; Jose Espina Moran (33); “Fag”; Eudis Colina Tovar (26), “Cram”; and Edward Rodriguez Rodriguez (20), “Tito”.

They are all members of a band called “Los engendros del mal”, a division of “Tren de Aragua”.

Those arrested – all Venezuelan nationals – were found with firearms, ammunition, cell phones and technological equipment used to commit their crimes. Also, a notebook containing names of sex workers, money collected and dates.

Women and minors were found in two houses seized by the police. In addition, the PNP was able to identify Omar Conde Perez, nicknamed “Nino,” who would be one of the leaders and supply weapons to the criminal gang, Panamericana TV reported.


General Carlos Malavar Odías Peru 21, head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling Directorate, said that the Special Unit of the US Embassy’s Migrant Trafficking Investigation Unit and the Search Unit of the Directorate of Intelligence participated in the operation.

He pointed out that two points intervened where the minor was identified as sexually exploited. One is located in San Martin de Porres and the other is in the city of Lima.

In this regard, Colonel Ricardo Espinosa, head of the Migrant Trafficking Investigation Unit, noted that information was received a month ago that “opens a new place for sexual exploitation, but with the characteristic of prostitution only of minors.” It is located at the intersection of Dominicos and Tomás Valle avenues in San Martin de Porres.

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“Charlie” and his brother “Bucho” were arrested at the scene. The latter has filed a kidnapping case in Venezuela, where he remains in prison. A group of victims was also located there and revealed that the young women were confined in the so-called ‘shelter’.

With this information, the agents entered the property located in El Agustino and captured “Calambre” and “Tito” who were in charge of providing security.

Women should report daily how much they earned and money taken from them. Police said they were subjected to inhumane treatment, physical and psychological abuse

None of the four detainees had immigration records, “meaning they entered through an unauthorized border crossing. But we have also identified Omar Josué Conde Pérez, a high-ranking leader named ‘Nino’.

In his social networks, he advertises high firepower like long weapons and calls himself the leader of Los Hijos de Dios,” Espinosa emphasized.

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