June 20, 2024

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“They passed me” in Spanish after driving several people in Texas, according to an arrest report.

“They passed me” in Spanish after driving several people in Texas, according to an arrest report.

(CNN) — The driver who police say drove his car into a group of immigrants outside a shelter in Brownsville, Texas on Sunday, killing eight people, was “obviously intoxicated” when officers arrived. “They passed me,” the suspect said in Spanish, according to an arrest report obtained by CNN.

Jorge Alvarez, 34, has been charged with eight counts of first degree murder and 10 counts of aggravated assault and is being held on $3.6 million bail, police said.

Brownsville police said Alvarez ran a red light and lost control of his Range Rover on May 7, striking 18 people. He then tried to flee the scene before being stopped by bystanders, police said late last week.

“As I approached Alvarez, I could see he was intoxicated,” the arresting officer wrote in the report. “He was droopy and full of tears and tiredness was visible on his face. He was also in an excited state and was speaking against passers-by near him.

In the report, the agent wrote that he heard Alvarez say “they passed me” in Spanish.

Security camera footage “shows the suspect vehicle was already rolling onto its left side when it struck the victims,” ​​the arrest report states.

A law enforcement officer investigates a damaged vehicle after it struck pedestrians near the Ozanam Center, a homeless and immigrant shelter, in Brownsville, Texas, on May 7. Credit: ABC/Reuters affiliate KRGV

According to the report, results from Valley Regional Medical Center showed Alvarez tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and benzodiazepines.

CNN could not reach Alvarez’s attorney.

The Brownsville Police Department says it is not yet known if Alvarez acted intentionally.

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Brownsville police spokesman Martin Sandoval said that while they could not rule it out, “we have no support for that particular part of the investigation at this time.”

“The suspect is still not cooperating with us. It’s within their rights,” Sandoval said. “The course of the investigation has not changed. We’re still looking at those three strands of investigation: accidental, poison or intentional.”

Police are waiting for the Venezuelan embassy to allow it to identify its citizens so they can release the names of the victims.

Seven people are hospitalized, Sandoval said.

The deadly accident came as Brownsville and other border towns braced for an immigrant uprising before the public health emergency measure known as Title 42 expired Thursday night.

The crash happened across the street from the Obispo Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center, a nonprofit homeless shelter that serves immigrants, officials said. The dead and injured were asylum seekers, said Victor Maldonado, director of the Ozanam Center.

“They came seeking refuge,” Maldonado said. “They stayed in our shelter because they came to this country very little.”