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They catch ‘Rayo’, the “financial leader” of the Gulf clan in Colombia.


1 November 2021 23:58 GMT

Defense Minister Diego Molano threatened members of the criminal group and said they would be “captured or neutralized” if they did not surrender.

Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano on Monday announced the arrest of the “financial leader” of the Gulf clan, a drug trafficking group operating in the country.

According to Molano, the seized object was known by the nickname ‘Rayo’, He has been charged with various offenses, Among them, conspiracy to commit murder and a heinous crime.

After the capture, the head of the government of Ivan Duk sent a warning to the members of this drug trafficking group, saying that if they did not enter the “legal path”, “the full force of the public force”. Fall on them. “

“They will be captured or neutralized”Molano pointed out via Twitter, where he showed a picture of the object that was allegedly seized by the National Police.

Four days ago, Molano also reported on this Capture The other 28 alleged members of the Clan del Golfo were arrested just days after the arrest of its top leader, Tiro Antonio Usuka.Ottoniel‘, Who will be deported to the United States.

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Of these 28 arrests, 17 were made in the municipalities of Riohacha and Tibulla, the La Quajira (northern) department, and the remaining 11 in the Santander department in the northwest. The operation was attended by the military, police and the prosecutor’s office.