June 24, 2024

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Theseus’ car boldly goes where many cars have gone before

Theseus' car boldly goes where many cars have gone before

We can all use a good chuckle once in a while. [William Osman] They re-visited the ship Theseus in a simplified way. how many The parts you can remove from the car and it remains a car? (Video, embedded below the break.)

Of course there is be Legal definitions of a vehicle and a set of minimum requirements that must be met to drive on the road. So, with two old cars ready for hacking and a group of hackers gathering, they split into two teams and started tearing apart parts of the car. It gets funny because it reminds us of the many rebuilding projects we’ve done. For example, you move a single BGA chip, and suddenly, it may be faster to forward the entire board. Or you remove one component, you have to remove it from three other modules, which affects four or more other modules, etc. Accidentally cutting off a section of the electric belt meant that one of the teams had to dig further and further into the car to get back to working car condition. It was a race to get back into street legal action with more parts taken off.

By the end of the exercise, they have a file Technically They roamed the legal car through the streets, enjoying the pointed and confused look of passersby. They even take it to an agency to see how much they can get for it. [William] He points out that their very low width proves that a car with less stuff costs less. While we doubt car manufacturers will follow suit, 15 minutes of fun is good.

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