June 23, 2024

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These are the Venezuelan migrants who were in the facility that caught fire in Ciudad Juarez

These are the Venezuelan migrants who were in the facility that caught fire in Ciudad Juarez

He Mexico’s National Agency for Immigration Publishes the identity of migrants injured or killed in a fire Ciudad Juárez Immigration Station Last Monday night.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said those responsible for the attack were in custody, but did not name names. The Mexican INM, while providing the list, did not detail which of those people died and who were injured.

The man died in a fire in an isolation room 38 menAnother 29 people were injured and transferred to four hospitals in Ciudad Juarez, which borders the US city of El Paso.

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List of Venezuelan immigrants in Ciudad Juárez

A list of the 13 Venezuelans in the room identified only 12 of them. Their names are:

1. Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Cordero

2. Eduardo de Jesus Carballo Lopez (Hospital of FEMAB family)

3. Jayson Daniel Katery Rivas (FEMAB Family Hospital)

4. Jesús Eduardo Velásquez Perdomo (Hospital of the Femap family)

5. Joel Alexander Leal Pena

6. Orangel Jose Lopez Guerrero

7. Orlando Jose Maldonado Perez

8. Oscar Jose Regalado Silva

9. Rafael Mendoza Mendoza

10. Rannier Edelber Requena Infante

11. Samuel Jose Marchena Guillarde

12. Stephen Arango Morillo (FEMAB Family Hospital)

13. Unidentified adult male.

They also released the names of 28 Guatemalans, 13 Hondurans, 12 Salvadorans, one Colombian and one Ecuadorian who were injured.

The Guatemalan government confirmed this Tuesday, March 28, that 28 of the country’s citizens died in the fire.

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López Obrador has why immigrants

Organizations defending the human rights of migrants held the government accountable Andrés Manuel López Obrador Indeed, by ensuring that detaining people at its border with the United States should be the exception and not the rule to prevent migrant flows.

Juarez’s truth, a Mexican newspaper explained that these 68 migrants were in a locked-up area when the fire broke out. Some of them were removed by the United States under Title 42 for entering the country without permission.

The publication reports that López Obrador has had a record immigration detention since his arrival in 2018. From December 1, 2018 to February 28 this year, the National Agency for Migration (INM) has captured 1 million 298 thousand 484 migrants. .

Here You can see the complete list of injured or dead migrants