May 25, 2024

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Coordinated attacks leave 28 dead in southern Iran – DW – 04/04/2024

Coordinated attacks leave 28 dead in southern Iran – DW – 04/04/2024

A series of coordinated attacks against military camps Revolutionary Guard And at least 28 people, including 10 from the security forces, died in two police stations on Thursday (04/04/2024), in the south. Iran.

In the restive province of Sistan Balochistan, clashes began late Wednesday when gunmen attacked Revolutionary Guards camps and two police stations in the towns of Rask and Sabahar, state agency IRNA reported.

The attackers took hostages in a residential building near the camps.

“The terrorists have been killed and the hostages have been rescued,” Sistan Balochistan deputy police chief Brigadier General Ahmad Taheri told state television more than 12 hours after the attacks began.

According to Iranian media, the Sunni group Yesh al-Adl, which Tehran considers a terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Yeish al Adl is a Sunni group opposed to Iran's Shiite government that seeks the independence of Sistan Baluchistan province and operates along the porous border between Iran and Pakistan.

Ten members of the security forces, including police, revolutionary guards and Basijis (Islamic militants), died in the clashes, Deputy Interior Minister Majid Mirahmadi told state media.

Another 10 security forces personnel and civilians were injured in the encounter.

Likewise, 18 attackers were killed in the attacks, all of them foreigners, according to Mirahmadi. “Two other elements” who supported the attackers have been arrested.

Officials said the aim of the attackers was to take control of the Revolutionary Guard camp.

“Terrorists failed in their attempt to capture Revolutionary Guards camps in Rask and Sabahar,” Mirahmadi told state media.

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