July 12, 2024

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The upcoming Sci-Fi Fantasy Anime MMO Blue Protocol looks amazing

GIF: Bandai Namco / The Game Awards / Kotaku

The Game Awards last night was one of the The biggest annual event shows yet. With a series of surprise appearances and prizes, Excellent speechesreveal the game, and other anomaliesIt was easy to lose everything. But if you’re a fan of anime MMOs and find the idea of ​​a sci-fi adventure focused on rebuilding a post-apocalyptic future appealing, Bandai Namco and Amazon Games might have something in store for you. it’s called blue protocol, and will ship next year as a free-to-play title on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Oh, and you can Sign up for a free closed trial It is expected in the near future.

blue protocol It was originally announced in 2019. And while what we saw during last night’s trailer for the anime MMO was a brand new one, fans have gotten a look at the game before. via server testsThere has been a fair amount of speculation and discourse on this subject over the years The unofficial sub-game of the game. It was a bit off-kilter though, with some worried about the game’s development due to the lack of updates. But last night’s promo at the Game Awards proved that development is very active and the game will arrive next year. It also revealed Amazon for previously published games Missing coffin And the new world, will act as a publisher. Check out last night’s trailer here:

Bandai Namco/The Game Awards

I mean, come on, this looks pretty cool. And there’s a lot of potential in its premise, which executive producer Sokichi Shimoka describes as “a project that takes players on a heroic journey through a planet teetering on the brink of destruction after thousands of years of conflict and technology overuse.” Details on the gameplay, which offers five different classes to choose from, an “action-based combat system”, and a neat-looking summon called “Echo”. On the official website of the game.

While many will likely be happy to see some new footage of this game, this is perhaps one of the most surprising twists. Amazon Games will publish the MMO. in statement to the edgeChristoph Hartmann, Amazon Vice President of Gaming Division, spoke about the experience of working with the team behind it Missing coffin He previously confirmed that lessons learned from that game would carry over to publisher support for blue protocol. Based on Hartmann’s remarks So is ShimokaAnd the blue protocol You may have some broader IP plans with potential “transmedia opportunities”.

With a great mix of sci-fi and fantasy aesthetics, and a focus on bringing some hope and positivity to a world doomed to fail, it’s great to see more post-apocalyptic stories about the pursuit of something meaningful. The post-apocalypse is often a narrative space of doom and gloom, without much meaningful thought. Let’s hope blue protocol Change that up a bit.

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