July 18, 2024

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The most expensive rental apartment in Madrid is owned by a Venezuelan couple

| Spanish economist


Caracas.- Inquiry published in the newspaper Country of Spain It says the Venezuelan couple, who own a subsidiary of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, own the most expensive apartment in Madrid.

The house is located in a building that was planned 10 years ago in the middle of the golden mile of Salamanga district. Architect Rafael de la-Hoss designed it with the aim of finding 44 owners who could pay between 3 and 17 million for a building.

The building consists of double apartments and penthouses between 275 and 578 square meters. Lagaska99 As of December 2018 it was open to the global market in search of 44 equivalent exclusive owners who began to receive their keys.

More than half of the buyers are from the United States: 11 from Mexico, 6 from the United States, 2 from Colombia, 1 from Peru and 5 from Venezuela3 of these are related to the government of Nicolas Maduro.

In addition to marriage, Thomas Nembro, the right-hand man of Vector Vargas – Chavez’s banker – also appears to own other apartments., And Luis Otero Cervella, who According to the American University of Television The media reported that he was a partner in Rowberrow Trade Corp, a company related to fraud to the pension fund of Venezuelan oil company PDVSA.

Lagaska99 It has 2 swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath and amazing views on the 1st floor and 8th floor. It has 156 parking spaces on 3 floors, although only 5 floors were occupied last Friday afternoon. This summer, no one climbed into the pool upstairs.

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