April 2, 2023

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The Mets and the Giants replace JD Davis with Darren Rove

The Mets and the Giants replace JD Davis with Darren Rove

The Mets got their first starting/left player Darren Rove From giants to third baseman J.D. Davis to me Andy Martino from SNY. According to Joel Sherman of the New York Postalso captured the giants Sothebow Thomas Zabuki and ball pitchers Nick Zwack And the Carson Seymour in trade.

At the risk of making the obvious, the trade suggests that the Mets believe Ruf can help them more this year than Davis, as both are right-handed hitters. Rove, who recently turned 36, is still working as a left-handed masher this year. He’s earned 155 wRC+ in 337 board appearances against Southpaws since returning from KBO in 2020, which ranks fourth in the MLB. Rove actually succeeded against the Right as well in 2020-21, but he has struggled against them this year. He earns $3 million a season, of which $1 million is left over. He also has a $3.5 million club option for 2022 with a $250,000 purchase. Ruff and fellow new acquisition Daniel Fogelbach Create an excellent faction in the designated hitter for the dead.

Davis, 29, is under team control as a player eligible to referee in the 2023 and 24 seasons. Although not known as a glove, unlike Rove, Davis is able to play third base. Since coming from the Astros in a deal in January 2019, Davis has posted 125 wRC+ dead in 1,100 board appearances. It did not show much division in the faction in that period, and Statcast’s staggering scales sometimes flickered. This year, however, Davis posted 102 wRC+ only for the Mets in 207 board appearances and not many starts charted recently. Davis became especially consumed with the signing of the Mets Eduardo Escobar Back in November in addition to the acquisition of Vogelbach. Davis played 140 games for the Mets in 2019, but has made only 195 games since 2020 due to injuries.

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At Szapucki, the Giants shine with a pair of big league games to their name. Szapucki mostly acted as a starter in the minors, posting a solid 21.6 K-BB% in 64 Triple A rounds this year. Prior to last season, Baseball America rated him a Class 45 candidate, saying he could “land with three strike pitches,” and needed to get his pace back after spending 2020 at the alternate Mets. Szapucki really did, running 90.9 mph in his only appearance in MLB 2021, but he made 95.1 on a grueling outing on May 25 in San Francisco where he succumbed to nine earned runs while only scoring four. The copper giants seemed to like what they saw on that outing, despite their hitter hitting Szapucki by four runs.

Zwack, 24, moved to High-A in May and excelled by 22.8 K-BB%. A Round 17 pick in 2021 from Xavier University, it remains to be seen if Zwack can maintain his success when facing opponents closer to his age. Seymour, a 23-year-old right-hand man, moved to the Brooklyn Cyclones’ rotation around the same time as Zwak. With a 25.0 K-BB% average, he was successful as well as the long ball. Seymour was drafted by the Mets in the sixth round in 2021 from Kansas State.