July 22, 2024

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The man knew he was going to be arrested and sell an apartment (see video) – Diariovia

The man knew he was going to be arrested and sell an apartment (see video) – Diariovia

See / Yulidis Hernandez Toledo

A person sold an apartment three (3) days ago knowing they were going to be arrested. This story was told on Thursday, April 20, by AN, Diostado Cabello, head of the National Assembly’s domestic policy committee, in his presentation on the need and urgency of ratification. Domain Extension ActTo complete the fight against corruption.

“A man was arrested, this is true, five days ago. The man knew that he was going to be arrested three days before he sold his apartment. An investigation is coming to see how he sold it and how he paid for it without harming third parties. . We think the third party is innocent, but there are many cases where someone has put a property in the name of a third party and not taken it. The third party has to prove how he paid for the apartment,” he said in the ordinary session on Thursday.

In this context, he pointed out that the domain extension law “allows us to go into those details” to inquire into the facts as described. He pointed out that the provision would “in no way, by any means, complete the work done by arresting some people associated with illegal activities who have assets that cannot justify their origin”.

He emphasized that the Venezuelan government is not going to allow these assets to be damaged, which is why “their use in different fronts such as society, service, infrastructure and citizen security” is being contemplated.

As of Tuesday, April 18, the Special Service for the Administration and Disposal of Insured, Seized, Foreclosed and Foreclosed Properties, an agency created three or four weeks ago, “is already doing its work, it is already there. More than 10 thousand properties are registered and located. ”.

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He reiterated this Thursday that this process on the destination of assets seized in the framework of the fight against drug trafficking and corruption is independent of criminal activity. “The criminal issue takes its course, and it is a civil issue, relating only to property.”

He stressed the need for this legal instrument condition Can act immediately. Goods obtained through drug trafficking or corruption cannot be allowed to lose their useful life and be damaged.”

It is a “very quick process: on request Public Ministry (MP) The Government of Venezuela continues once the mechanisms are established and the decision is made”.

1,200 referrals

Within the framework of the public consultation on the Asset Forfeiture Act held on Tuesday, April 18, 1,200 proposals were made regarding the regulation.

“On the same day, contributions were made by the Member of Parliament and the Comptroller’s Office and other institutions, viz Law “Once it was put into circulation, it was socialized, suggestions and observations began, and we received more than 1,200 proposals,” Capello said on Thursday, April 20.

He recalled that the legal instrument was based on the United Nations Office (UN) Model Law on Confiscation of Assets. Countries such as Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Honduras and Colombia have legal texts of this directive.

The provision, presented and approved in the first debate in the National Assembly on March 31, envisages that “states are obliged to dispose of the assets of illegal activities for their effective and efficient use”.

The legal instrument, he said, “relates not only to government officials but also to businessmen who are complicit in corruption”.