June 15, 2024

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The main cone of La Palma volcano has partially collapsed


The main cone of the Spanish volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma, which erupted on September 19, has partially collapsed. The Canary Islands Volcano announced this Saturday.

In addition, the seismic map National Institute of Geography Itahisa Tomanguis said on Twitter that the emission of streams west of the second cone had been checked, which had experienced several volcanic eruptions in the last hours.

Last midnight (22:00 GMT), ING recorded 54 earthquakes related to the volcanic eruption, the largest, 4.3. The depth of the quake varies from 37 to 9 kilometers.

The scientific team advising the La Palma Volcanic Emergency Project emphasizes that the strombolian eruption process is characterized by a constant variation of the cone or in this case, and that new foci may arise in the vicinity of the main volcanic eruption.

A video from the High Center for Scientific Research shows the activity of four explosive gases with “intense and divergent” activity: the emission of ash and pyroclasts, the concentration of lava with strombolian activity and white matter.

In one of the most recent, several active volcanic canals are found in the remaining area occupied by various streams.

So far, the volcano has destroyed about 900 hectares. According to data from the Copernicus Satellite System, it destroyed about 2,200 buildings and many of them.

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