May 23, 2024

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The Iranians and Venezuelans of the Emtrasur flight have not yet left Argentina.

The Iranians and Venezuelans of the Emtrasur flight have not yet left Argentina.
Photo: The Nation

While most of the Iranian and Venezuelan crew members of the plane allegedly linked to terrorism were packing their bags to leave Argentina, they must have been. Abortion His plans. The panel allowed 12 members to leave as lawyer Cecilia Incardona appealed against federal judge Federico Villena’s decision.

Judge Villena accepted the appeal and the Federal Chamber in La Plata will decide whether the group members, who have now been in Argentina for two months, can leave or stay there with their passports suspended. If they have carried out preparatory work for terrorist activities.

Iranians and Venezuelans are staying at the Plaza Central Canning Hotel in Ezeiza, and most plan to leave their rooms this Friday.

Judge Villena also ordered seven of the 19 passengers (four Iranians and three Venezuelans, including pilot Golamreza Ghasemi) to remain in the country. But the foreigners’ defense lawyer appealed the decision to revoke their passports and release them. That appeal was also granted and the Federal Chamber of La Plata had to decide their circumstances.

They have not been detained, but their passports have been held as a precautionary measure and they are barred from leaving the country. They have to wait for information about the international warrants sent by the judge to Argentina and there is still evidence.

All of these decisions come as Nicolás Maduro demands the return of the Argentine plane and crew, which he said were “kidnapped” in Buenos Aires.

The judge decided to retain the documents of Ghasemi, Abdulbaset Mohammadi, Mario Arraca Urdaneta, Victor Pérez Gómez and José García Contreras, upholding the ban on leaving the country. It also ordered that the ban on leaving the country for Mohammad Khosravirak and Syed Waqi Zadeh remain in effect and that their documents be frozen pending analysis of the content of their phone communications.

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Meanwhile, Mahdi Mouseli, Victoria Valdiviezo Marval, Cornelio Trujillo Candor, Vicente Raga Tenias, José Ramírez Martínez, Zeus Rojas Velásquez, Jesús Landaeta Oraa, Ricardo Gésero, Armano, Landaeta Oraa, Armando, Oaa, Armando, 2018, 2014, 2012, 2012 :22 IST Prosecution has appealed against the decision to allow Mahdi Mouseli, Victoria Valdiviso Marvel, Cornelio Trujillo Cantor, Vicente Raca Tenias to leave. , Angel Marin Ovalles and Nelson Coello.

The judge said in his ruling that the suspects have been charged but do not have sufficient merit to summon them to give an investigation report so far.

Villena clarified that they are investigating whether citizens of various nationalities, under the guise of taking legal action, are financing terrorist activities (especially with Hezbollah) or are part of a program associated with that terrorist organization.

Referring to what was found on each of the suspect’s phones, the judge pointed out that in the Ghasemi case, several screenshots, videos and images of war scenes, weapons, forces, leaders and logos could be observed. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as Quds forces and Hezbollah, among others, have taken their own lives. Among the suspects in the AMIA attack is former commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohsen Rezai.

On the other hand, the FBI sent data on Ghasemi and his relationship with terrorist groups such as the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC-QF) and Hezbollah.

The Quds Force and the IRGC are not considered terrorist organizations in Argentina. However, Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization here. The judge wants to deepen that investigation.

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As for the co-pilot, Abdul Basset, his phone received a valid credential in his name as a Mahan Air crew till December 20, 2023. Mahan Air’s flight schedule with the Caracas-Iran route on May 21 and 22 was also detected. He was part of the crew on the same flight with Ghasemi on that trip.

From May 27, 2020 to April 26, 2022, Abdulbassed flew on the Tehran-Damascus route with Fars Queshm Airline. At least seven of those aircraft will be made by Ghasemi. Some of those trips had crews of only three.

Likewise, the judge found suspicious WhatsApp and Telegram chats in which Abdulbaset asked other members of the WhatsApp group for personal data. One of them said “martyr”. On the other hand, among the documents seized from his hotel room, evidence of Mahan Air has been found.

As for Perez Gomez, the judge pointed out that he works as a general manager at Emtrasur and is a member of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Among his papers is a note offering his services to Samir Maklad. Maclat “would be a person who could be linked to Hezbollah, according to open sources, the Maclat family may own the Santiago Marino Airport in Nueva Esparta, located in the Bolivarian Republic. Venezuela”, said the judge.

As for Arraga Urdaneta, the Emtrasur executive manager responsible for the fees inherent to the flights, the judge points out that he is a member of the Bolivarian Armed Forces and that he is “on active duty.” Villena wants to investigate the reasons why he went with the crew, and wants to know more about the bank accounts in Panama and Singapore. Annotations..

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As for García Contreras, the judge wants to investigate further, because he found that he had written in a chat, after checking the plane: “Thank God they didn’t find anything”, to which his interlocutor replied: “Thank God. I was shaking at that, but because I knew they were being watched.” I don’t want to hear.”

For Khosraviaragh and Saeid Vali Zadeh, the content of documents found on their electronic devices in Farsi is pending translation.

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