June 23, 2024

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Minister Gantz pressures Netanyahu to eventually resign – DW – 05/18/2024

Minister Gantz pressures Netanyahu to eventually resign – DW – 05/18/2024

Israeli minister Benny Gantzmember The country’s war cabinetHe announced on Saturday (18.05.2024) that he will resign if he is not in the post of Prime Minister. Benjamin NetanyahuApprove a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip.

“The War Cabinet shall before June 8 formulate and approve a plan of action leading to the achievement of six strategic objectives of national importance (…) [o] We will be forced to resign from the government,” Gantz said in a televised address to Netanyahu, referring to his party.

Objectives of the project

Gantz said the six goals included the overthrow of Hamas, ensuring Israeli security control over Palestinian territory and the return of Israeli hostages.

“Establishing an American, European, Arab, and Palestinian administration to manage civilian affairs, as well as maintain control of Israeli security. Gaza Strip Laying the groundwork for a future transition that is not Hamas or (Mahmoud) Abbas,” he declared, referring to the Palestinian Authority leader.

He urged the normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia “as part of an overall effort to build an alliance with the free world and the Arab world against Iran and its allies.”

Netanyahu’s response

Netanyahu responded to Gantz’s threat on Saturday, calling his demands “empty words, the meaning of which is clear: the end of the war and defeat. IsraelAbandoning the majority of hostages, leaving Hamas intact and establishing a Palestinian state.

The Israeli army has been fighting with Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip for more than 7 months. But in recent days wider divisions have emerged in the Israeli war cabinet after the militants Hamas Israel previously said the group had been neutralized to regroup in northern Gaza.

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Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Wednesday privately criticized Netanyahu for not rejecting the Israeli government in Gaza after the war.

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