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The Iranian military has intercepted US drones near the Strait of Hormuz


10 November 2021 00:32 GMT

The incident took place during the annual Iranian Sulfur-1400 exercise, which ended on Tuesday, less than a month after nuclear talks with Western nations.

The Iranian military intercepted US MQ-9 and RQ 4 drones trying to enter the country’s air defense identification zone. They report Local media.

The incident took place during the annual Sulfur-1400 exercise conducted by the Iranian Armed Forces on the Strait of Hormuz, which ended on Tuesday within a month of the next nuclear talks with the West. The infantry, armored units, mechanized military units and units of the Iranian navy, air force and air defense took part in the maneuvers.

US drones MQ-9 and RQ 4 changed their course after being warned of being intercepted by the Iranian military after approaching the Iranian border.

According to Promised Earlier, Ali Bakery Gani, who is negotiating from Tehran, said meetings between Iran and the six world powers to re-establish the nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015, were suspended after Washington’s unilateral withdrawal in 2018, and will resume in Vienna from November 29.

Iranian officials estimate that the United States can rejoin the International Atomic Energy Agency only if Washington lifts sanctions on Tehran, accepts blame for the failure of the deal and guarantees that it will not emerge unilaterally in 2018.