June 20, 2024

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The ICC’s lawyer positively described his trip to Venezuela as a formal invitation.

ICC Tax Office

Kareem Khan, a lawyer at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Colombia, will arrive in Venezuela next week at the invitation of Nicolas Maduro.

ICC Attorney

About, Country He recalled that in Venezuela there was an open process in that court to commit crimes against humanity. So the Spanish newspaper interviewed Khan.

“The open process against Venezuela is at an early stage of investigation from 2018. Khan must decide whether to launch an investigation. Chavismo will fight to show his best face to the prosecutor to stop a criminal process in The Hague for human rights violations and crimes against humanity,” the media reported.

About the expectations for you Visit to Venezuela, Said the lawyer would ask and build relationships.

I think that’s wonderful. Venezuela should be proud to have invited an ICC lawyer. I do not attend without invitation. I will not see you as a secret agent. I was invited by Colombia by its president, I was invited by Venezuela by its president and as a state party committed to upholding the values ​​of Rome law, I think this is a very positive move, ”he said.


Asked what the Maduro government should do to avoid starting an investigation, Khan vowed not to use the platform. Country To give advice to a head of state.

“It simply came to our notice then. If a country progresses, I will step aside, ”he said.

Asked if he would classify Venezuela’s case as “complex,” Khan replied that in the face of pressure to investigate, there were no simple cases.

However, he assured that the ICC would have experts to ensure compliance with justice.

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“There is no simple case because we work with genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or crimes of aggression. But we have wonderful people with a lot of experience, and if God wills, we will make sure we fulfill our responsibilities with justice,” he said.

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