June 20, 2024

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The European Commission included Venezuela in its humanitarian budget

The European Commission has included Venezuela in its Envoy 2021 Humanitarian Budget: Venezuela Total Poverty Rate 94.2%

The European Commission Included Venezuela in its annual humanitarian budget He warned that the initial 500 1,500 million this year to help those most affected by the crisis around the world would continue to rise.

“Humanitarian needs are at an all-time high and continue to grow, mainly due to conflict, but are on the rise. To global challenges such as climate change Govit-19, Said Janez Lenarcic, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development.

Humanitarian aid will allow the EU to do its part: continue to save lives and meet the basic needs of the affected population, he said.

“In addition Respond to new and more visible crisesThe budget ensures that we do not deviate from addressing current, protracted or recurring humanitarian crises, such as those of Colombia or South Sudan or the Rohingya. “

How will the scholarship be distributed?

The European Commission has stated that humanitarian assistance will be provided 188 million Continue to help the most vulnerable people in Asia and Latin America. In Asia, this includes the crises in Afghanistan and the Rohingya. And in Latin America, the European Union Continue to provide assistance to those affected by the crisis in Venezuela, In Colombia and Haiti.

What else, 469 million They will be assigned to sub-Saharan Africa to help those affected by the food and nutrition crisis exacerbated by the conflict in Sahel; And violent displaced persons in the Central African Republic, Lake Chad Basin, South Sudan and the Horn of Africa.

It will also address the needs of the people affected by the protracted conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Will be assigned 351 million Humanitarian assistance from the European Union to the Middle East and North Africa to address the crisis in Syria, the needs of refugees in neighboring Middle East countries, and the crisis situation in Yemen.

Others 152 million They will finance projects in Southeastern Europe and European neighbors that will resolve the crisis in Ukraine, the Western Balkans and the Caucasus, and the effects of the Syrian crisis in Turkey.

The 370 million The rest will be used for unexpected crises or sudden spikes of existing crises and other activities.

People who are vulnerable to disasters

The European Union (EU) said in a statement that the funding would help the people Vulnerable in disaster countries Be well prepared for various natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, earthquakes and hurricanes.

10% in all regions, he said Allocated to education in times of emergency Children and young people should be allowed to continue their studies.

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