February 27, 2024

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The driver was speeding

The driver was speeding
Photo: AFP- Venezuelan survivors of the Nicaragua crash claim the driver was speeding.

Three survivors of a car crash in Nicaragua that killed 13 Venezuelans have blamed speeding on the driver.

One of the survivors, Leonardo Cortes, who was traveling with his wife and children, said there was a fault in one of the bus’s speeds, “However, Mr I was speeding,” he said yes tv.

He added that many of the passengers in the vehicle only hope to achieve “advancement” for their families. Expressing grief over the death of many people, he said, “It is very difficult to live in this situation. We lost money, documents, clothes, everything in the accident».

Venezuelans report an accident in Nicaragua

A total of 16 migrants on their way to the United States have died in an accident near La Cucamonga mountain in Nicaragua. Thirteen of them were from Venezuela, the newspaper reported. Newspaper of that country.

The driver of the bus that crashed in La Cucamonga was also identified as Alfredo Antonio Palma. Confident In a police press release last Thursday morning. It is also reported that the 46-year-old driver was driving the vehicle at high speed.

Later, the vehicle first collided with two cars, officials indicated in the report. And as a result of the speed bump, he lost control and fell off the cliff.

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