June 21, 2024

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The “distributor” studio Possibility Space was suddenly shut down by Prytania Media

The “distributor” studio Possibility Space was suddenly shut down by Prytania Media

Update (12/4/2024): In an email obtained by Polygon's Nicole CarpenterPrytania co-founder Jeff Strain attributed the closure of Possibility Space to a report from Kotaku's Ethan Gach.

In his statement, Strain claimed he was asked for non-public information about a game bearing the name Vonnegut Project. After a meeting with an unnamed publishing partner, he canceled the project and shut down the studio.

“To see internal team members under a confidentiality agreement participating [these leaks] “It was disgusting,” Strain wrote.

It should be noted that the Gatch report has not been published at the time of writing. Furthermore, Strain's behavior is similar to that of his wife that Iwho made a pre-emptive statement on the Gatch report last week.

Strain ended his statement by revealing that he will be stepping away from gaming “to focus on my family and taking care of Annie. I wish you all the best as you navigate this complex industry, the above challenges, and the opportunities ahead.”

Original story: Prytania Media has closed Possibility Space, its second studio in as many months.

The studio was established in Mid 2021, with many notable names behind it such as Waypoint Media's Austin Walker and Ubisoft's Liz England. At the time, she aimed to make “delightful games about human experiences.”

For every great designer Brendan Macleod, all employees at the 2.5-year-old studio have been laid off. This has also been confirmed by several former employees now on LinkedIn, with One employee Saying it was done “without warning.”

Possibility space, crop circle, and Britannia media

Possibility Space was a subsidiary of Prytania Media, headed by Jeff and Annie Strain. In March, the pair closed completely lower Crop circle gamesWhich was approved before it was closed.

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Both the probability space and Crop circle They were working on projects that were likely dead, since their teams had been disbanded.

So far, none of the breeds have commented on the CC closing, and the same seems to be true of the possibility.