May 23, 2024

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The death toll from the Columbia Govt has risen to more than 200 daily for the first time since August

Columbia Govt
Photo EFE

Colombia recorded 217 deaths from Covit-1 this Sunday, surpassing 200 for the first time since August. While the daily cases are stable below 30,000 daily, the trials have also been reduced though.

This is the highest death toll since August 3, when coming from the country Third wave of Govt-19 And 268 deaths have been reported.

According to a recent report by the Ministry of Health, 26,087 infections were reported this Sunday. It brings up a total of 5,740,179 cases, of which 147,398 are active, 132,249 have died and 5.4 million have been recovered.

Daily Govt data in Colombia

One more day, Bogot மீண்டும் again the department with the highest number of reported cases (5,871) in one day. They are followed by Atlantico (2,834), Santander (2,791), Antioquia (2,779) and Valle del Caca (1,679).

Today, 68,610 diagnostic samples were implemented in the country, of which 37,809 and 30,801 antigens.

On the other hand, with 311,404 vaccines (118,714 second doses and 24,116 single doses) administered on Friday, nearly 30.7 million people in Colombia already have the full schedule (single dose or two vaccines), or 60.3%. population

In the country, 69,789,455 vaccines are already being administered, and 5,038,247 people need their booster dose.

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